The timelessness of the great Indian epic is brought to life by the RODA THEATER directed by Maria Peretzis for 5 performances:

Sat 11/3, Sun 12/3, Sat 18/3, Sat 25/3 and Sun 26/3

Hall 3A, Kapodistriou Avenue 106 and Eleftherias 1 (entrance), Nea Ionia

time 20:30

Through its new performance, RODA builds the bridge between the myth and the present by highlighting the wisdom contained in the Indian epic of the “Ramayana” regarding the life of man in every era and geography.

In the epic, as in our day, the balance of the world has been disturbed. Intoxicated by his power, the demon Ravana holds people hostage, beating anyone he doesn’t like. The immortal Rama must take human form to destroy the demons, with the help of his brothers and the princess Sita, his soul.

Like the “Odyssey”, the “Ramayana” tells the adventures of the mythical warrior prince, Rama, who wanders through the forests of India until he finds his lost kingdom again. Like the Iliad, it describes the battles and adventures to recover a queen, Sita. At the center is the constant battle between Good and Evil. The lyricism of the verses dresses the stories of the heroes and shows the way to the Sanctuary.

The Ramayana presents Rama as an incarnation of Vishnu, the pre-eminent God of the Indian pantheon, who defends Dharma, the very Order of the World. Thus, this epic has been characterized as the “gospel of Rama worship”, and provides much of the myth and religious material associated with Hinduism.

At the same time, beyond its mythological elements, the work also outlines the History of India, as it narrates the expansion of the Martian tribes of the North to Ceylon, when they imposed civilization on the primitive tribes of the South of the Indian peninsula.

The members of the RODA team bring the characters to life after a long preparation and create the costumes, sets and music themselves. The show features live piano, percussion and vocals.

Tickets €15

Online sale of tickets at VIVA.gr https://www.viva.gr/tickets/theater/ramagiana-1/

Seat reservations: 210-2836763 and 6937422456

Directed by: Maria Peretzi

Text: Dimitris Peretzis, Maria Peretzis

Scenes: Nikos Tsiouplektsis

Music: Takis Paterelis (piano, flute, vocals) / Pia Pierrakou (piano, vocals) / Giorgos Dounis (percussion) / Maria Thoidou (vocals) / Paty Papageorgiou (vocals, percussion) / Costas Christantonis (vocals) / Myrtali Papageorgiou (percussion) ) / Stavros Kappas (vocals)

Music editing – orchestration: Maria Peretzi

Chorus: Maria Peretzi

Costumes: Maria Peretzi / Iulia Ventikou / Viki Tseliou / Maria Loya / Vouli Fotiadou

Sound: Dimitris Dimitriadis

Lighting: Maria Peretzi / Dimitris Nellas / Fotis Traganoudakis

Makeup: Paty Papageorgiou / Serilda Makri


Rama: Thomas Gotsis, Sita: Mania Metaxa, Laxmana: Christos Velaoras,

Visvamitra / Vibesana: Stamatis Logos, Dasaratha: Stavros Kappas,

Kaikeyi: Anna Kypraiou, Ravana: Nikos Tsiouplektsis,

Surpanaka / Mantara: Iulia Ventikou, Zanaka / Zatagiou: Dimitris Bozes,

Barata / Sugriva: Giannis Angelis, Hanuman: Giorgos Kostogiannis

Yannis Angelis, Eva Avlidou, Christos Velaoras, Iulia Ventikou, Thomas Gotsis, Alekos Kalogiannidis Stavros Kappas, Lena Kontopidou, Anna Kypraiou, Stamatis Logos, Mania Metaxas, Dimitris Bozes, Dimitris Nellas, Patty Papageorgiou, Myrtali Papageorgiou, Athina Pathefiza Plethesia Petridou, Rania Spiropoulou, Vicky Tseliou, Nikos Tsiouplektsis, Maria Tsouga

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