The Journey of Sound

The Journey of Sound

All the crazy people in the world warn

That appearances can be deceiving.

And since deception deceives the eye,
the Hero moves to find the Path.

Terrible trials await him and
things and wonders await him:

Test first is to find

Help and Refuge.
Into the silence of thought to sink.

Test, the Transaction.
To lose or to win.

And if he shall come out of this great Ordeal
he shall fall into a strange trap.
His desires and his lusts upon him would fall
like savage beasts that have broken their cages.

Until he hears the Sound of Silence
deep in his Being as the
call of the Unknown.


The play is one the first performances of RODA focusing on man’s esoteric world. The conflict between the “Doctor” and the “Hero” depicts the battle between ordinary personality and the deeper Self. The “Magician” has got a crucial role in this struggle.

Being deeply involved in contradictions and as soon as he starts realizing the extent to which he is defined by them, the “Hero” wonders about his life.

For the first time, does he hear simultaneously the voices of his inner impulses, the jumble of sounds emanating from his constant friction. For the first time, does he observe the world clearly discovering Reality.

The Revelation of the Truth is not the end of the “Hero’s” search path but the beginning. At the very moment of awareness, he starts to move ahead, to travel driven by the Trust that gushes at the center of his existence.

His determination to proceed will make new esoteric landscapes emerge in himself but will fuel inner contradictions too. The “Doctor”, his ordinary personality, is not going to allow the destruction of his domain: the realm of Lying. He will do anything to perpetuate his power.

The “Magician”, the middleman between the “Hero” and the forces that pursue a real Change, is unable to intervene. He is mandated to offer help to the “Hero” provided that the latter is ready to receive it.

Finally, the “Hero’s” persistence brings about a moment of Silence. The “Sound” is heard for the first time in him. The “Sound” and the “Hero” have met. The “Hero’s” pieces have been put together. The journey has come to an end.  For a split second, Existence glances at the Self.

“The Journey of the Sound” was staged at the “Athens Theater” in 1995.

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