The Self and I

The Self and I


ISBN: 978-960-430-321-2

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Based on the guidance he received through his extensive contacts with major Gurdjieff pupils and elements of his teaching which have remained unpublished to this day, Mr. Peretzi deals in this book with the question of “who am I”, as it is outlined in the context of the great philosopher’s ideas. This identity, which, depending on the point of view it is tackled is called “Self”, “personality”, “subject of experience” or “ego” ultimately proves to be unstable and volatile.

Observation and careful analysis point out that identity is constantly changing and that each time it reveals a completely different view of the human psyche, often disconnected from the image of “self” or “who one is”. However, the main characteristic of identity is that it can evolve, mature and- starting from the everyday limited level of existence- find its way towards Self-completion at the level of inner unity.

The author follows the stages of this evolutionary process outlining them through the experiential changes awaiting the practitioner, i.e. the person who is actively engaged in the development of consciousness in him/herself.

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