Moving Mirrors

Moving Mirrors
Iphigenia Macri, Ph.D.

A psychological approach to acting and teaching the art of theater
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ISBN: 978-960-7895-85-1
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Every theater fan will relish the journey and track the “actor’s” path within their own life, following in the footprints of these pages, provided this is what he/she wants. Plenty of exercises associated with a one-of-a-kind teaching are offered to theater lovers and to young actors/actresses for study. Also, psychology friends will find testimonies of the obstacles to self-awareness and examples on how these may be overcome.

After completing her PhD and postdoctoral studies at the University of Arizona, Iphigenia Macri worked as a clinical psychologist in Los Angeles and San Francisco. She has been living in Greece since 1991, working in the fields of health psychology and psychotherapy. She has been a disciple of Maria Peretzi since 2000, not as a psychologist but as an individual who wonders about the mystery of existence, the theme explored by Roda theater.

Spirituality is the search for the spirit inside me, now, this very moment. This is what the RODA Theatre aims at. This is the basic principle of the Theatre of the Sacred. A natural ally in this search is the discipline the actor needs to prepare his role and find his place in the production. To know myself also means to be able to see the reflection of my behavior in my associates, in the moving mirrors that surround me. In this way the theatrical experience can become a vehicle to esoteric knowledge, which has always been and still is the aim of the Theatre of the Sacred. It is this possibility that RODA explores.

Maria Peretzi

Roda participants work on themselves psychologically based on the spiritual tradition of the great Greek philosopher G. Gurdjieff. The special seminars organized by RODA, alongside its theatrical activity, give the wider public access to Maria Peretzi’s teaching.

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