“The spaceship of the contemporary wizard”

CD Index

  1. Bokharian Dervish No.24
  2. Chant from a Holy Book
  3. Essene Hymn / Hymn No.10
  4. Song of the Fisherwomen
  5. Kurdish Song
  6. Mamasha
  7. Greek song
  8. No.11
  9. Dervish song
  10. The Great Prayer

These pieces of music were collected by the Greek philosopher of Pontus Georgios Georgiades (known as G.I. Gurdjieff, 1866-1949). He wrote down and orchestrated them with the help of his pupil Thomas de Hartmann of the Imperial Opera in Saint Petersburg. Gurdjieff’s “Movements” -“Sacred Dances” that constitute an inseparable part of his spiritual teaching- are performed on this music.

“…A work of objective art ought to be a book, the only difference being that the artist transmits his ideas not directly through words or signs, but through certain feelings which he excites consciously and in an orderly way, knowing what he is doing and why he is doing it.” (Gurdjieff)

Thanks to its pioneering sound and Maria’s Peretzi open-minded orchestration, “Karnak” concert captures and expresses the essential and robust nature of the philosophy bequeathed by Gurdjieff. The amazing vocals as well as the combination of western and eastern instruments generate a configuration of timbres and emotional nuances challenging, thus, all mainstream sounds and facilitating the East-West dialogue in an environment of intense political, social and religious polarization.

The unique esoteric spirituality of this music enables Gurdjieff’s philosophical work and its significance for the world to be deeper perceived and realized.


Maria Peretzi         orchestration / music supervision

Takis Paterelis        piano, flute, saxophone, percussion, hang drums, vocals

Maria Thoidou        lead vocals

Stavros Kappas      santouri, synthesizer, vocals

Giorgos Dounis      percussion, vocals, tibetan bowls, didgeridoo

Alexandros Peretzis   bass guitar, guitar, tzouras, tibetan bowls, vocals

Iris Baglanea           lead vocals, vocals, tzouras

Ioulia Ventikou        vocals, synthesizer

Anna Kypreou         harp, vocals

Patty Papageorgiou    vocals

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