Cosmic Rhythm

Takis Paterelis  piano and flute

Production  Maria Peretzi/ TRIA ALPHA

CD Index

  1. Hymn from a Great Temple, No 9
  2. Reading from a Sacred Book
  3. Cosmic Rythm
  4. Hymn for Christmas Day, No 1
  5. Dayyid Chant and Dance, No 34
  6. The Circles
  7. Greek Melody
  8. Easter Hymn and Procession in the Holy Night
  9. No 24
  10. Dervish Dance, No 27
  11. Afghan melody
  12. 22/03/1927
  13. First Obligatory
  14. Hymn for Easter Thursday
  15. Tibetan Dance
  16. Hymn from a Great Temple, No 2
  17. Dervish Melody
  18. Persian Song
  19. Oriental Song


Gurdjieff’ s music is particularly original, dynamically austere and widely expressive. Its roots are to be traced in traditional melodies, dervish music, dances and liturgical religious hymns from remote monasteries and holy places in Asia and Northern Africa, collected by Gurdjieff. Upon his return to Moscow, and later, in Paris and New York, he wrote down and orchestrated these melodies with the help of his pupil Thomas de Hartmann.

Takis Paterelis was born in Athens. He started piano lessons at the age of six in the Athens Conservatory under the guidance of Aliki Vatikioti. He graduated con laurea, and later studied jazz, improvisation and orchestration at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. As a saxophonist, he has collaborated with prominent Jazz musicians in Greece, Europe and America, and has worked extensively with students. Since 2005 he is a member of RODA Theater, where the ideas of Gurdjieff are studied through the theatrical and musical experience under the guidance of Maria Peretzi. Takis Paterelis has participated in a series of public concerts produced by RODA Theater, performing Gurdjieff music.

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