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Eleusinian Mysteries

Eleusinian Mysteries

NEW PERFORMANCES Paying homage to ELEUSIS2023 EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURERODA THEATRE presents the“Eleusinian Mysteries”Stage direction: Maria Peretzi Room 3Α, Kapodistriou Av. 106, Nea Ionia Room 3Α, Kapodistriou Av. 106, Nea IoniaFebruary: Saturday 17/2, Sunday 25/2Martch: Sundays 3/3, 10/3, 17/3, 24/3, 31/3April: Sunday 7/4, Saturday 13/4@ 8.00 p.m Following their successful premiere and the consecutive sold-outs,...



RODA, founded by Maria Peretzi, has been at the theatrical and musical forefront for 30 years, creating a modern tradition of the THEATRE OF THE SACRED. Through a rich series of theatrical, musical, publishing and film activities, it attracts interest in Greece and abroad for its cultural activities. The Association of Greek Theatre and Music...

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