Gurdjieff Music Concert
Takis Paterelis
plays Gurdjieff / De Ηartmann

COSMIC RHYTHM | piano and flute concert

VIDEO ART by Orfeas Peretzis

live streaming worldwide from

Athens, Greece

Thursday 8 July 2021 at 8pm CET (Brussels time)

The Cultural Centre of Kifissia

sponsored by

the Gurdjieff Circles and RODA Theater
of the Gurdjieff Foundation of Greece

Music composed by the Greek philosopher Gurdjieff and performed by Takis Paterelis in a
piano and flute concert, is live streaming from the Cultural Center of Kifissia, Athens. The
roots of this music must be sought in traditional melodies, in dervish music, in dances and
religious hymns from distant monasteries and holy places of Asia and North Africa.
Takis Paterelis, pianist and well-known jazz saxophonist, studied at the Athens Conservatory
and the Berklee College of Music in Boston. “Gurdjieff was a seeker. His music has nothing to
do with any other known music, it is self-existent and independent, it is a music with a
different focus than what we are used to”, he states.
The COSMIC RHYTHM Concert includes 19 pieces of music by Gurdjieff/De Hartmann. Their
sound will be “illustrated” by simultaneous video art, directed by Orpheas Peretzis.
Gurdjieff’s music is particularly original, dynamically austere and widely expressive. The
Greek philosopher of Pontus Georgios Georgiades, who came to be known as G.I.
Gurdjieff [1866-1949], wrote down and orchestrated these melodies with the help of his
disciple Thomas de Hartmann [1885-1956] of the Imperial Opera in Saint Petersburg, upon
his return to Moscow, and later, in Paris and New York.
Takis Paterelis piano and flute
Orfeas Peretzis VIDEO ART
Maria Peretzi/ TRIA ALPHA production

Thursday 8 July 2021 at 8pm CET (Brussels time)
Duration 75 min
Ticket 10€

Roda Theater
Art Director: Maria Peretzi

Takis Paterelis was born in Athens. He started piano lessons at the age of six in the Athens
Conservatory under the guidance of Aliki Vatikioti. He graduated con laurea, and later
studied jazz, improvisation and orchestration at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. As a
saxophonist, he has collaborated with prominent Jazz musicians in Greece, Europe and
America, and has worked extensively with students. Since 2005 he is a member of RODA
Theater, where the ideas of Gurdjieff are studied through the theatrical and musical
experience under the guidance of Maria Peretzi. Takis Paterelis has recorded the CD “Cosmic
Rhythm”, the CD “Seekers” and has participated in a series of public concerts produced by
RODA Theater, performing Gurdjieff music.
Orfeas Peretzis was born in Athens. He studied Psychology, Film and Video Directing and
Scenario in the UK. He is directing documentaries and short films. His Video Installations
have been shown in various group exhibitions and his VIDEO ART “SEEKERS” with Roda
Theater was performed in MEGARON, the Athens Concert Hall.


1. Hymn from a Great Temple, No 9

2. Reading from a Sacred Book

3. Cosmic Rhythm

4. Hymn for Christmas Day, No 1

5. Sayyid Chant and Dance, No 34

6. The Circles

7. Greek Melody

8. Easter Hymn and Procession in the Holy Night

9. No 24

10. Dervish Dance, No 27

11. Afghan melody

12. 22/3/1927

13. First Obligatory

14. Hymn for Easter Thursday

15. Tibetan Dance

16. Hymn from a Great Temple, No 2

17. Dervish Melody

18. Persian Song

19. Oriental Song

RODA THEATER- Gurdjieff Foundation of Greece


RODA is affiliated with the Gurdjieff Foundation of Greece. Its aim is to establish the tradition of the Theater of the Sacred, through the practical study and application of the Gurdjieff Teaching.

Mrs. Peretzi puts special emphasis on the participation of everyone in the group in the shaping of all steps of the theatrical process. Besides the acting and the live music accompanying all performances, the costumes, the lighting of the stage, the sound and electrical engineering and the settings, are all designed, produced, manufactured, transported and fit to each stage’s demands through the personal work of the RODA members.

RODA’s work has received wide favorable reviews by all major theater critics in the Athens area. Its performances were presented three times by CNN, the international TV channel, and a documentary about the group has received distinctions in several Film Festivals. Two books have been written about Mrs. Peretzi’ s theater teaching methods, published in both Greek and English, and the group has been the recipient of theatrical distinction awards, including the 2016 Carolos Coon award for leading theater performance.